How Internet Changed My Life

How Internet Changed My Life

One of my greatest achievements happened when I discovered that the internet can help augment my financial inadequacy. And another equally great achievement was when my two children finally finished their college studies. On the last statement, my not-so-full-time online working activities have a major contribution to this achievement.

I can’t fully believe that I’m done with one of my major obligations to my children. Time really flies! I can still clearly remember accompanying them to pre-school with their school bags and lunch box. It seems like yesterday.

For someone who graduated during the early days of the internet, it would be acceptable if I would pursue a career which has nothing to do with online things. Who would have thought that I would become a blogger? Or an online call reviewer? Back in 2012, only a few had an idea that working online would be possible.

A lot of things had changed from the moment I decided to explore the internet with the fervent hope of finding a good career and the current time when I am actually earning a good amount by allocating a few hours of the day working online. Online work has helped me in so many ways.


I never stopped searching…researching…asking (dumb) questions, experimenting and doing the trial-and-error method. Until finally, I found the activity that will make me complete. Something that will make me happy.

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You probably know that I have an 8 to 5 job which I am doing until this time. Yes, I still believe that I have yet to learn in order to be more successful in this field. But I know time will come when I will reach that point when money wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

It’s such a great joy to see that we are improving in our chosen field. I cannot contain the happiness to myself as I review my online activities. For the past 2 years, I know I made some great improvement in terms of online income. I can clearly remember my struggles during my first years in the online field. I never thought I would reach this far.


I was checking my PayPal account this morning and saw another payment from my favorite blogging site. My online income came mostly from writing. Yes, writing is the main online activity where I make some amount. The first quarter of 2019 has made me several hundred from different sources such as a forum, third-party writing site, sale of an ebook and some simple tasks.

It may not be a huge amount. In fact, it was not as great as my previous year’s first quarter income. Not even enough for me to finally decide to quit my job. But one thing I know, it is possible to make a full-time income from an online source.

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Being proactive means taking responsibility for the situation. There may be things that are beyond our control but there are things that we are capable of changing. A proactive person focuses on those things that they are capable of changing rather than those things that they have a little or no control.

Proactive means constantly looking for solutions. Finding the right way to address future issues even before they happen. They are resourceful individuals. When you are proactive you make things happen instead of waiting for the things to happen to you.


Technology is continuously evolving. The best time to learn about it was yesterday and the second best time is today. If you will not exert effort to learn new things, chances are, you will find yourself being left behind.

We are now in the world of Artifical Intelligence. The future where only the skilled, innovative and technically inclined will prosper.

We are not expected to know everything as we start this field, but if we continue to stay where we are, that would be another story. Don’t let an instance pass without learning about it.

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The best way to see how we perform is to solicit feedback. Oftentimes, feedback may come in a form which is hard to swallow. Be ready for that and continue making improvement.


What could be more painful than failing on something that we exerted effort with?

Failure is a part of a big game. We should learn how to deal with it and learn from it. Failure is not the end of the game but rather a point to reassess our weak areas and work with those.

On the final thought…

The world is constantly evolving and those who are not preparing themselves for the upcoming changes will certainly be defeated at the end.

Thank you for reading. I hope that through this post, I was able to share some worthwhile information that could help you in one way or another as you pursue your online career.