How Marijuana affects Your Physical and Mental Health?

How Marijuana affects Your Physical and Mental Health?

Like medications and other procedures there are various effects of marijuana on physical or mental health in both positive and negative way for short term and long term.

Marijuana’s other slang terms are weed, herb, pot, bud, grass, ganja, mary jane and many others. It is a greenish and grey mixture of dried parts of cannibas plant.In conclusion all parts of plant makes marijuana such as flower, stem, seeds and leaves.

Marijuana affects the body in both positively and negatively manner. Therefore some effects are for short term and others are long term that don’t show up immediately.

People smoke marijuana in hand rolled cigarettes, pipes, water pipes, and cigar wraps. Thus when it is consumed for medicinal purpose it is mixed into foods.

Other Usage of Marijuana

  • To brew tea
  • Cook it with food
  • Vape it
  • Use it as substitute of oil
  • Use it with other oral marijuana products

The strongest form of marijuana are sinsemilla, concentrated resins-Therefore these contain high dose of marijuana’s active ingredients such as hash oil, waxy budder, and hard amberlike shudder.

Effects of Marijuana On Physical Health

Some of the most common effects of marijuana on physical health include:

  • Makes you feel good
  • Increase heart rate by 20 to 50 beats per minute
  • Pain reliever
  • Reducing pain in arthritis illness
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Make your immune system weaker
  • Reduces happening of vomiting and nausea
  • Turn your eyes red
  • Relief from short term symptoms of glaucoma
  • Aggravate the risks of asthma conditions
  • Interfere with growth of tumor
  • Interfere with fetus development. Thus can harm your pregnancy
  • Interference with the growth of brain development among teenagers
  • Irritation of lungs however doesn’t increase the chances of lung cancer
  • Increased chances of developing bronchitis
  • More phlegm
  • Distort your sense of time
  • Helpful in controlling epileptic seizures
  • Increase the chances of developing schizophrenia
  • Boost up the performance of athletes
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Effects of Marijuana On Mental Health

Similarly marijuana has various effects on mental health:

  • Increase or decrease the risks of depression
  • Mess with your balance. Thus discomforts you
  • Increase or decrease the risks of social anxiety
  • Interfere with how you form memory
  • Tends you to overeat (appetite)
  • Make it harder for people to take decisions
  • Temporarily hallucination
  • Addiction (if overuse)
  • Delay in reactions

Long term Effects of Weed

Similarly marijuana has long term effects. Therefore some are:

  • Memory loss
  • Lung Cancer but there are not enough evidence to support this
  • Memory issues with fetus while in the womb
  • Increase the risks of development of nausea and vomiting

Long term Effects of Marijuana depends on following factors:

  • How you consume marijuana
  • How long you use marijuana
  • The age of person consuming it
  • How much a person uses marijuana at any time

Based on many research and reports, marijuana is good to use in medical or recreational form. But at the same time its usage is not risk free.

People are using marijuana recreationally for many years. Therefore in 2019 32 states in United States have approved legally to use cannabis.

In conclusion there are many questions for instance how marijuana affects the body and brain, what are short term and long term affects of marijuana. Scientists need more research to state these answers.

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