10 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad For Health

10 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad For Health

Why sugar is bad for health and how cutting sugar from diet can prevent the devastating effects are now discussing worldwide.

Many people rely on processed or reserved foods but these foods contain large amount of sugar. This quantity is detrimental for health and makes a large proportion of their calorie intake.

Simple sugar is the basic unit of carbohydrates and simple sugar poses major concerns to health. The basic structure is colorless and crystalline. It is present in various forms like glucose, fructose, and galactose.

Most people consume energy drinks added with sugar to boost their energy levels. But today sugar added products are one of the main causes of obesity and chronic diseases such as heart disease.

USDA recommends only 8 tbsp of sugar per day. But Americans consume approximately 53 tbsp.

Why To Avoid Sugar

In this article we will discuss adverse effects of sugar on health and how cutting sugar from diet can prevent these devastating effects.

1. Sugar Causes Obesity

Sugar added beverages or foods are the main cause of obesity worldwide. Some drinks such as juice, sodas, teas and coffees are loaded with fructose. Consuming fructose leads to eat more foods or consume more calories. In short sweetened beverages don’t curb hunger and leads to weight gain.

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2. Sugar harms Liver

Consumption of too much sugar exerts pressure on liver as liver converts fructose into fat. Large amount of sugar is converted into fat, thus increasing the risks of becoming obese more.

High intake of sugar leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) – A condition in which fatty susbstances deposit in the liver.

3. Leads to Heart Diseases

Consuming high sugary diet can lead to diseases related to heart which is responsible of highest deaths worldwide.

Rich quantity of sugar in diet can cause obesity, high blood sugar, blood pressure and inflammation. These all are risk factors of heart disease.

4. Damages the Immune System

After consumption of sugar, it can decrease the efficiency of white blood cells for one hour. In this way it compromises the immune system and lower the capability to fight against bacteria and diseases.

5. Removes essential Nutrients from Body

Zero in essential nutrients sugar drain out all essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc. Thus it causes bones and teeth related diseases such as tooth decay and osteoporosis.

6. Increases the Risks of Diabetes

High sugary processed or reserved foods can lead to obesity which is the main risk factor of diabetes.

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Consumption of sugar for longer period drives insulin resistance which causes glucose level to rise and increases risks of diabetes.

7. Sugar Leads Risks of Cancer

Excessive intake of sugar causes the body to produce high amount of insulin which encourages the growth of cells but not cancerous cells.

It can also lead to obesity and inflammation- all re risk factors of cancer.

8. Sugar Causes Depression

A high sugary diet can increase the chance of mood swings, irritability, fatigue and depression. This is due to the increase in level of blood sugar, inflammation- all have detrimental impact on mental health.

9. Sugar Causes Skin Aging

Sugar damages protein such as collagen and elastin. Both helps the skin stretching and keeps it youthful.

Sugar can lead to the production of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) that damges the collagen and elastin protein which in turn causes skin aging prematurely.

10. Lower Your Energy Level

Foods or drinks high in sugar first spike your energy level by increasing blood sugar or insulin level. This boost is quickly followed by drop in energy level as these products are rich in sugar but low in essential proteins.