How to Review Live Conversation-Outbound Calls Category

How to Review Live Conversation-Outbound Calls Category

Learn the proper way of reviewing outbound calls (Live Conversation-Outbound). This is one of the two basic categories being given to new members of the site. Outbound Calls are those calls made by the employees or agents of a particular company going to clients or prospective buyers.

I mentioned in my previous post that Humanatic is a popular website where members are paid to review and categorize calls. The rate per call varies. Meaning, you will be paid based on the number of calls reviewed multiplied by the rate of each category. Humanatic has been a good source of income for some online workers. As I have been working with the site for several years, there were several instances where I helped other individuals create an account and taught them how to earn money from the site.

Whether you intend to work from the comfort of your home or would love to travel and still earn some good amount, Humanatic is a perfect site to consider.

Two Types of Membership

Before we continue, let me present to you the two types of membership in Humanatic.

1. Call Auditor or Mediator (Superhumans)

Mediators otherwise called as Call Auditor or Superhumans are in-charged of checking the correctness of the work of call reviewers. These individuals have been chosen by the team from the reviewers who manifested an excellent performance which was based primarily in their track record.

As Mediators, they are expected to be knowledgeable of all the categories so that they may be able to address any issue that may be referred to them by other members.

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2. Call Reviewers

Reviewers are ordinary members who review the calls. When your application has been approved, you are now qualified to review calls and thus, will be regarded as call reviewer.

How to Work in Humanatic?

Before we continue, let me make it clear. We don’t need to talk with a client while doing our job with Humanatic. We only need to listen to pre-recorded voice conversations. This is a non-voice job. I hope I made this thing clear because I received a comment from my previous post stating the this is a great job for those who loves talking.

Our main job here is to review calls and supply the needed data or action. Everything can be done by clicking buttons. In other words, the main skill we need in order to do the job is listening. We need to listen carefully and understand the call. Then, we need to click the appropriate button corresponding to the required action or the needed answer. Every category requires a different response. Example, for inbound calls, we need to determine if the call is properly connected.

Currently, there are fifty (50) categories that may be available to ordinary reviewers. While there are additional categories available for mediators. A newly accepted reviewer will be given two (2) categories initially.

In order to unlock other categories, the member should maintain a high accuracy rating. New categories will be unlocked once the reviewer has met the requirements for unlocking the category.

For this post, I will be teaching you how to properly review three categories, Live Conversation-Outbound and Inbound Calls, and the Inventory Discussion.

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How to Review Live Conversation-Outbound?

This category pertains to calls made by the agent or employee of the company to the client or customer. As a reviewer, you need to determine if the call was connected to the requested person or not. Additionally, you have to tell the time frame the call was connected.

Please do take note that the first person who answers the call may not be the intended person. The intended person pertains to the individual the caller wants to talk with. There are also times when you may only hear one side of the call. These calls are considered valid and should be reviewed like an ordinary call.

Each call has six (6) choices available and you should select only one answer before you click submit. Here are the choices: Source: Humanatic FAQ – accessible only to members of the site.

  • Connected to the Intended Party in 10 seconds or less
  • Connected between 0:11 and 0:29
  • Connected between 0:30 and 1 minute
  • Connected, but took over 1 minute
  • Left a message
  • Not the right person or no message

If the call is in Spanish or in other languages, there will be an option below the audio bar, “Call is not in English” which you can click. However, if you are activated in reviewing Spanish calls, the option will not be available. You can click not the right person or no message in case the call is in a language other than Spanish.

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There might be times when you encountered one-sided calls. Listen carefully because these calls are valid and you should mark those the same way as you mark regular calls.

The call is considered connected when:

  • The intended person answers the call.
  • You can only hear the caller’s voice but you can tell that the call was connected.
  • The intended person answers even if he/she immediately says he/she will just call back
  • The intended person answered and asked that he/she be removed from the calling list.
  • The caller reached the intended person even if the call drops in the middle of the conversation
  • The spouse answers and handle the call
  • The caller was connected to an interactive calling machine

Note: Make sure you refer to the default audio playback for the connection time.

Here are the situations when a call should be considered Left a Message:

  • The caller reached voicemail and left a message
  • The caller left a message with a live person
  • Though you may not be able to hear only one side, you can tell that the caller left a message

You should select not the right person or no message under the following circumstances

  • The caller reached a wrong number
  • The caller reached a voicemail but did leave a message

On the final thought

The secret to earning more with Humanatic is learning and following the rules at all times. The higher the accuracy, the more calls to be unlocked. Focus on what is being asked in the category.