8 Ways to Treat Depression In Right Way

8 Ways to Treat Depression In Right Way

When you are in depression, you can’t cope it easily. Proper medications and positive will power can do something. Here are 8 ways to treat depression that will help you.

Depression drains out your energy and leaves you helpless. In past things that you liked the most to do, now seems difficult to do.

The things such as exercising, sparing tome with dear ones or many more that can help you to overcome depression are very difficult to put into action when you are depressed.

Recovering from depression is not easy and quick. You have to take charge of yourself to come out from depression.

First step is very difficult to take. But doing your favorite activity such as dancing, exercising, or listening music can do right now. It can boost your mood and energy for several hours- can help you to perform second activity into action such as preparing your favorite meal, meeting your best friend etc.

By taking following small but positive 8 steps day by day you can treat depression and feel energetic, positive and happier again.

1. Stay Connected With People

Getting support from family and friends plays an essential role to treat depression. It is very difficult to ask for help when you are depressed. You want to live isolate and avoid people. But following small tips can do something:

  • Try to get support from people who actually take care and think about you
  • Help others when they need
  • Try to connect with people who are far away via face-time
  • Do social activities on social media
  • Help others who are depressed, join a support group of depression.
  • Perform exercise daily
  • Meet new people by joining meetings or club
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2. Do Things That can Make You Happy

Doing things that makes you happy will gradually make you happy and energetic. You will enjoy things slowly.

  • Have a good communication with friends or family
  • Spend some time in nature
  • Make a list of things that you like most
  • Start to read novel or books
  • Play with pets
  • Take a small hot bath
  • Watch T.V or movies etc.

3. Start Walking

When you are depressed it is very difficult to leave bed. But exercises can be a powerful depression fighter. Research shows that exercises can reduce depression symptoms.

Daily 30 minute walk can benefit you most. Exercises can improve your fatigue and boost your mood.

  • Walk with your pet
  • Pair up with exercising partner
  • Listen your favorite music to boost your mood
  • Perform exercises that are comfort with you.

4. Have a Healthy Diet

What you eat directly affects your mood. Avoid food such as salt, sugar, caffeine, fat and alcohol to reduce the depression.

  • Never skip meals
  • Avoid salty, sugary foods
  • Avoid refined carbs
  • Include foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Take foods rich in Vitamin B

5. Stick with Treatment

Sometimes treatment won’t work, antidepressant are not effective for four to six weeks. In some cases medications wouldn’t work and you have to try another. If you give them time, treatments may help. In most cases proper treatment at the right time succeeds 70% of the time.

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6. Take Prescribed Medicine

Always take your prescribed medicine at same time every day. It is very easy to remember if you do along with other activities such as eating breakfast, going into bed, or brushing teeth.

7. Don’t Quit Medicine Until Doctor Says Ok

If you want to stop medicine for some reasons, doctor can reduce your dose gradually. If you stop medicine in the middle, it may have some side effects.

Stopping medicine abruptly may cause depression to return. Don’t stop medicine if you are feeling better. Many people need treatment if they are feeling well. This will cause them to return into depression again.

8. Never Give Up

You may feel helpless right now. You think that you are not getting right now. All these factors may worsen your condition. If you have some patience and allow your treatment to come into effect, you will feel better now.